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Multi-functional Blessing Tackle Bag

Multi-functional Blessing Tackle Bag

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The X232G multifunctional fishing tackle bag is designed to make your fishing trips more convenient and organized. The bag features a single shoulder strap that allows for easy crossbody carrying, as well as a waist pack option for hands-free fishing. The bag is made of durable material and is perfect for storing all of your fishing lures and gear. The spacious main compartment and multiple pockets provide ample storage space for all of your fishing essentials. The X232G fishing tackle bag is a must-have for any angler looking to keep their gear organized and easily accessible.

The X232G multifunctional fishing tackle bag offers several benefits to anglers:
-Convenience: The bag's shoulder strap and waist pack option allow for easy carrying while fishing, leaving your hands free to hold your rod and reel.
-Organization: The bag's multiple pockets and spacious main compartment allow you to keep your fishing lures and gear organized and easily accessible.
-Durability: The bag is made of durable material that can withstand the wear and tear of fishing trips.
-Ample storage space: The bag has enough storage space to store all of your fishing essentials, no matter how long your trip is.
-Versatile: The bag can be used for different type of fishing, saltwater, freshwater and flyfishing, also can be used for other outdoor activities.
-Stylish design: The bag is designed with a modern and sleek look, making it a stylish accessory for any angler.

Use: Multi-Purpose
Use: for fishing line, fishing reel, box and so on
Sales: retail, wholesale, drop shipping
Occasion: Outdoor tourism, mountain climbing,cycling,trekking,fishing, forest
Layers: 3-Layer
Color: black brown camo , ACU CP

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