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Soft Worm Hooks

Soft Worm Hooks

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This 50-piece lot of high-carbon steel fishing hooks features a new, optimized hook body for better water retention and a standard hook wire diameter for maximum toughness. The hook tip design has been optimized to increase penetration force and reduce the likelihood of snagging on foreign objects. Made from 72A high-carbon steel wire, these hooks are known for their excellent elasticity and toughness. Perfect for use with soft jerk lures and wide super lock fishhooks. Material: High-carbon steel; Shape: Crank hook; Quantity: 50pcs/lot.

The benefits of using these fishing hooks include:
-Improved water retention for more effective fishing
-Strong and durable hook wire for a more secure hold on fish
-Optimized hook tip design for increased penetration force and reduced snagging on foreign objects
-High-quality 72A high-carbon steel wire for excellent elasticity and toughness
-Ideal for use with soft jerk lures and wide super lock fishhooks
-Quantity of 50 hooks in a lot, providing great value.

Shape: Sharp
Qty: 50pcs/lot
Position: Reservoir Pond
Colors: Black Nickel


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