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Ice fishing reel

Ice fishing reel

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This ice fishing reel is made of durable full aluminum and can be used by both left-handed and right-handed anglers. It is available in two sizes: 50mm and 60mm. The gear ratio is 1:1, making it suitable for fly fishing. It is perfect for your next posca (fishing) trip.

The benefits of using this full aluminum ice fishing reel include:
-Durability: The full aluminum construction provides strength and resistance against wear and tear, ensuring the reel lasts for many fishing trips to come.
-Ambidextrous design: The reel can be used by both left and right-handed anglers, making it versatile and convenient for all types of anglers.
-Size options: With the choice of 50mm and 60mm sizes, anglers can select the best size for their needs and preferences.
-Suitable for fly fishing: With a 1:1 gear ratio, this reel is perfect for fly fishing, providing smooth retrieval and control over the line.
-Perfect for Posca: This reel is ideal for fishing in freshwater, saltwater, and hard water, making it perfect for your next Posca (fishing) trip.

Fishing Reels Type: Ice Fishing Wheel
Fishing Method: Fly Fishing
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