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Fly Fishing Bait Box

Fly Fishing Bait Box

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This product is a lure tackle box, available in three sizes: L (19.5cm x 12.2cm x 2cm and weighs 158g), S-1 (14.5cm x 12cm x 2cm and weighs 106g), and S-2 (14.5cm x 12cm x 2cm and also weighs 106g). All of them are made of ABS plastic. It is a perfect storage solution for fishing lures, hooks and accessories.

 Some potential benefits of using this product include:
-The ability to organize and store lures and hooks in a compact and durable container
-The transparent design allows for easy identification of contents
-The shock-proof and waterproof ABS material helps protect the contents from damage
-It is lightweight and easy to carry, making it convenient to take on fishing trips
-The three different sizes provide options for different storage needs and preferences.

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