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Fly Fishing Reel

Fly Fishing Reel

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Fly fishing reel that has a weight capacity of 5/7-7/9-9/10, 3+1 ball bearings, and is made of aluminum. It is CNC machined and has both left and right hand retrieve options. It is a new product. The reel has three different size options: 5/7, 7/9, and 9/10. The spool width is 27mm/1.06 inches, and the outside diameter is 90mm/3.54 inches, 97mm/3.81 inches, and 104mm/4.09 inches for the three different sizes. The inside diameter of the spool is 54mm/2.12 inches, 57mm/2.24 inches, and 62mm/2.44 inches respectively.

The benefits of using this fly fishing reel include:
-The 3+1 ball bearings provide smooth and stable performance, allowing for easy casting and retrieving of the line.
-The aluminum construction of the reel makes it lightweight and durable, which is ideal for use in fishing environments.
-The CNC machining ensures precision and accuracy, providing a high-quality product for the user.
-The reel is suitable for different weight capacity of 5/7-7/9-9/10, allowing you to use it for different types of fish.
-The left and right hand retrieve options make it suitable for both left and right handed anglers.
-The different sizes of the reel, spool width and diameter, provide versatility, allowing the angler to choose the right size for their needs.
-The reel is new, providing the latest features and technology for anglers.
-The reel is also easy to maintain with regular cleaning.

Outside Diameter: 90mm/3.54in 97mm/3.81in 104mm/4.09in
Inside Diameter: 54mm/2.12in 57mm/2.24in 62mm/2.44in
Hand Retrieve: Right & Left
Fishing Reels Type: Fly Fishing Wheel
Fishing Method: Fly Fishing
Color: Green & Gun
Ball Bearings: 3+1BB

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