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3 x Carp Fishing Hooks Ready Made Fishing Rig

3 x Carp Fishing Hooks Ready Made Fishing Rig

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This package includes 3 pre-assembled carp fishing rigs, each with a high-quality, Teflon-coated barbed hook and a size 8 swivel. The hook sizes available are 2#, 4#, 6#, and 8# (as shown in the picture). The leader is 25lbs and the package also includes 1 pack of boilie stoppers. The overall length of the rig is approximately 175mm from the end of the hook to the end of the swivel.

The benefits of using pre-assembled fishing rigs, such as the ones included in this package, include:
-Saving time and effort: These rigs are ready to use, eliminating the need to tie your own hooks and leaders.
-Consistency: Using pre-made rigs ensures that your rigging is consistent and reliable, making it easier to focus on fishing itself.
-Convenience: With everything already prepared, you can quickly and easily switch between different rigs depending on the situation, giving you more flexibility and opportunities to catch fish.
-Quality: The rigs are made with high-quality materials, such as a Teflon-coated barbed hook and a size 8 swivel, which can increase your chances of catching more fish.
Boilie stoppers are also included which can help to keep your bait in place on the hook.

Type: Barbed Hook
Shape: terminal tackle
Position: LAKE
Material: Carbon Steel

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